a note from deb

Most of us like to take pictures. Taking a photograph captures something that has touched us - something we wish could last longer, or wish would never end. A photograph allows us to take a memory home with us to enjoy in days to come, or to share with someone we wish could have been there.

Whether a spectacular sunset, an intricate flower or precious people, a picture can decorate our ordinary with the extra-ordinary. It brings the outdoors indoors. It brings the far near. It keeps us company after we must return to our everyday (sometimes lonesome, sometimes monotonous) routines of life.

When a sunset or flower captures my attention, I often think of God holding a paintbrush, anticipating the delight of observers like you and me. When I photograph His handiwork it's like making a print of His original.

I hope my work will enlarge our hearts to hear God's whispers in the glory that surrounds us.

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