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This web log (aka: "blog") exists to provide simple feasts for your eyes and your spirit - feasts prepared with the intent to inspire you to draw closer to God in His creation.

When something magnificent captures my attention a sunset, a flower, a butterfly I often think of God holding a paintbrush, anticipating the delight in observers like you and me. When I photograph His handiwork, it's like making a print of His original. Making prints of our Creator's artistry allows me to share something extraordinary with others long after the glory has passed.

May your visits here inspire you to tune the ear of your heart to hear the whispers of the Master Craftsman inscribed amidst His creation. May you journey beyond the simple inspirations on this page, out into the sanctuaries of your world (whether that be your patio or a far off mountain top)...and there may you discover and enjoy close encounters of the first kind, pausing long enough to notice, long enough to hear.


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advocating visual communion

cultivating eyes to see and hearts to hear


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"By taking a long and thoughtful look at what God has created,
people have always been able to see what their eyes as such can't see:
eternal power, for instance, and the mystery of his divine being."

Romans 1:20 (The Message)



"a link and a prayer"

(this weekly little devotional)

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